If you’re servicing or selling to Spanish-speaking customers, Press 2 for Spanish by Outsourcing S.A is THE answer!

Press 2 for Spanish by Outsourcing S.A. provides 6,000 nearshore, neutral-accent Spanish speaking customer service experts in talking, texting, chatting and emailing with your customers in a meaningful way that drives engagement to deliver real results. Our business has grown steadily for more than 25 years in 4 Colombian cities because of the consistently high quality of our associates, and our below-market pricing.

By 2050, the U.S. will be the largest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth. To satisfy them, it takes a philosophically and culturally different approach when they Press 2 for Spanish.

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Press 2 for Spanish by Outsourcing S.A.

Neutral accent Spanish

  •     Better communications, understanding
  •     Different tone than harsher versions of Spanish
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Quality Service

  •     27 years of experience
  •     Security, Safety, Safe
  •     Voice, Chat, Social Media, AI, Chat bots and sales/retention

Multiple Sites within Colombia

  •     Respond and scale
  •     Cloud-based
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